Fitness is for Life

S C U L P T 

Strength and conditioning training.  Do not be afraid to use weights .   Weight bearing exercises are vitual for longevity to protect the bones and keep the frame upright and strong.


Pilites, Weight lifting or Body weight.


Be Strong

I have provided a number of general strength training programs that you can choose from to implement for your training plans and goals.  


These programs are 3-days per week training plans categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of strength training.  


These programs are also set up into two different formats, where you may choose how you would like to train during the week.  



Nowadays many people are interested in improving performance for general fitness, recreation, competitons and team or combative sports, all at different levels.  


However, in most cases the majority of these hard workers have capped their ability to improve by neglecting an effective emphasis on strength.  


Infrequent squatting, deadlifting and pressing will not establish a proper foundation that will flourish into athletic prowess. 



Find your STRONG

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