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TRX + Cardio

How TRX & Cardio Works:

TRX & Cardio takes advantage of a wide array of cardio options – limited only by the imaginations of the Pura Vida Urban trainers. In between cardio intervals, you’ll use the TRX to build lean muscle – this is a fantastic full-body workout that can be easily adapted to fit the needs of all ability levels.


Full body Fitness  Features of the course: Designed for all levels - Stretch, strengthen, and build - Strong Lean Bodies.

Modifications  Male and females 

Conditioning - Cardio - Stretch 

Duation: 60 mins .


TRX + Rope

How TRX + Rope Works:

Jumping rope is a great cardiovascular workout – you’ll quickly build endurance, as well as core and leg strength – you need no prior experience with rope jumping to quickly develop this skill (most people haven’t done it since they were kids).


In between Rope intervals you’ll use the TRX to strengthen the muscles of your upper

and lower body, as well as your core.

The TRX is a fantastic tool because every exercise you can do with it is modifiable to meet your specific ability level.

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