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Hello! Hello!


I am Annie!  Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.  


I was born and raised in Suffolk and I have always had an incredible amount of energy and a huge heart.   I am incredily hardwork and tough on myself - don't worry - not you!  I love to smile and happy people from a very young age.


My passion for movement start when I was four years old and won my first dicso dance competition at the age of seven years old to Michael Jackson "BEAT IT"  I then continued to dance and run for the next fourteen years up to the age of seventeen, representing my school, Northgate High Ipswich, ran for the Ipswich Harries Running Club and became 200 metres running champion and County runner.   I also qualifed in dance too.  Tap, Ballet, Modern and Contempory dance. Before moving to London in 1993. I met my husband and started a family at thirty years old.  As a way to lose weight I started my marathon journey a year later after having my first son "Jack" and I haven't stopped since.                                                                                                  


I also represented my school in four teams.  I am so grateful and happy that I have found the right job to nurture my desire for health, fitness and helping others!  I love nothing more in seeing my clients change in body and mind when we start working towards their goals and then smashing them!  It is almost as great as being a "ROCK STAR!" Almost! I guess you should also know that I love adventures and learning new skills.   This has taken me to the Sahara and  I have had the pleasure to dance with Prince at the O2.  I have ran over twenty seven marathons and four ultras to date! I haven't finished yet!                                                                                                                      

I am a very proud Charity Ambassador of Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.  This is the reason, I passionately run so many marathons to raise funds for the children. 




As a trainer, I have met and trained numerous wonderful people. But most of all,  I cannot help take my job personally and I am totally committed to my clients and their well-being.  I LOVE it! I am constantly upgrading my skills to offer a first class service to my clients.  Whether it is weightloss, pregnancyy, mental health, running, nutrition, conditioning or obesity.  I am a strong believer in the power of "GREAT HEALTH".   It's your platform for a "GREAT LIFE!"                                                       


I have had the pleasure and honour to work with hundreds of amazing ladies and gentlemen over the last eleven years, whilst working in the Kensington & Chelsea area.  I understand a woman's body very well. 


I like to think that my strongest quality to offer my clients is my self discipline and ablity to be consistent during my working and personal life. I have overcome many personal and physical challenges which gives wisedom and empathy.  I know how hard things can be, but I also know how to WIN!   When you work with me - it's about YOU achieving what you wish to achieve.    I don't believe in extreme diets or exercising.  I believe in consistency, hardwork and a little sacrifice for what you want will get you there - for life! Let's face it - we don't brush our teeth just for six weeks at a time - do we!  I believe you and I are a  'WORKING TEAM!'.   One without the other, hasn't, doesn't and never will work!                                                                                                                                


I am a happy person and therefore, like to work in a happy, warm and respectful environment with my clients, as it is a very personal business. We will share a lot - ups and the downs along the way!  Trust is the utmost importance for that reason.                                                                  




The bottom line is, we need to look after ourselves and I love helping people do that!  We cannot live without our health.  


So now you know a litte more about me.  I hope you would like to work with me. I would LOVE to work with YOU.                                                                                                                                                                           







A true professional of the Fitness Industry

Self employed for over ten years in the Kensington & Chelsea area.

Working with high end individuals and VIPs.

Qualified Level 5 Fitness Professional at Premier International Feb 2009 

First Aider 

Bootcamp Instructor for Fit For A Princess 

April 2009 - present

Advanced Personal Trainer

Ambassador for Sweatybetty Harrods

Ambassador for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

Ambassodor for ONELDN - Fulham  

Accomplished Marathon & Ultra Marathon  Athlete


Annie has honed her varied skills and background to give your an unique

and effective training experience.

You just won't find anywhere else. 






I promise to give YOU one hundred percent of everything I have to give - my energy, knowledge, experience, passion, committment, consistency  and of course, my sense of fun and hard work.


I am very passionate about the many benefits that regular physical activity can give to us all with a little help, hardwork, motivation and support.

You can achieve anything you wish and it's a pleasure to say - it's MY job to assistant YOU. 







Experience the future

Qualifications: 2019 - 2019​

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health First Aid



Qualifications: 2016 - 2019

Performance Enhancement Specialization 

Currently studying  Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes 

Level 3 Exercise referral  


Qualifications 2014/15

Certified Insantiy Instructor (HIIT) Certified Piyo Instructor (Pilates/Yoga/Movement) Qualifications 2012 Indoor cycling (spin) Instructor (level 2)


Qualifications 2009 - 2011

Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma Level 3
Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
Certified Insanity Instructor ( 
Certified Piyo Instructor (
Advanced client assessment methods (static & dynamic posture)
Healthy & Fitness appraisal, lifestyle analysis & Stress Management
Advanced Flexibility methods
Joint assessments, muscle balance and postural correction
Fitness testing for power, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility
Core training and programme design Nutritional advice for physical activity
Communication & motivation skills
Personal training outside the gym
Special populations: Obesity, diabetes, asthma and orthopaedic conditions
Consultation & business skills
Gym Instructor Level 2
Qualified First Aider
Appraisal Nutrition & Weight Management
Exercise Prescription for Pre & Post Natal Clients Level 3 (AIQ)






2005 - 2018


Serpentine Running Club

5, 10, Half Marathons


Ultra Marathons


1994 - London


Former Fashion model and dancer. Successfully competited in fitness shows.  Gaining great  knowledge of muscle development as well as achieving a high degree of cardiovascular fitness. Modelling for Puma Sport Clothing and  featuring  on the front page of Time Out Magazine 199 Woman Housekeeping, Dancing with Prince (The Earth Tour) at the O2 Arena 2007 and many more.  


Feb 2009 


Bootcamp Instructor for Fit For A Princess, moving on to specailising in personal training. 




Studied dance at the age of 4 - 18 years old in Suffolk.  Tap, ballet, jazz, modern and contempory dance




 Naturally sporty and focused 

Member of four teams and Captain  of the Athletics at Northgate High.  

Competed for the local running club (Ipswich Harris)  as a 200 meter runner.

Represented her County as a 200 metre runner. 








Rest period 

Richmond Park Half and Royal Parks Half


BRONZE medal South Africa Comrades Ultra Marathon

2001 - 2016 

Everything from 5k - Ultra Marathons. (64 Running medals, including 27 Marathons, including 5 London Marathons)

Feb 2012

Completed, 110km Del Sahara ( 

London to Brighton Ultra 


New York, Florence, Rome, Stockholm, London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Bournemouth & Paris. 





Exercise offers incredible benefits that can improve nearly every aspect of your health from the inside out.

Regular physical activity can increase the production of hormones that make you feel happier and help you sleep better.

It can also improve your skin’s appearance, help you lose weight and keep it off, lessen the risk of chronic disease and improve your sex life.

Whether you practice a specific sport or follow the guideline of 150 minutes of activity per week, you will inevitably improve your health in many ways.





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