Stretching over 15 years as Annie Foulds Fitness - check out what my clients honestly do think about working with me. 


Six months ago I had the good fortune of stumbling across Annie’s profile. I had been on a 24 month journey to lose the weight that I had gained over the last decade. Despite some early progress I had reached an impasse and found that my weight was constantly fluctuating. Sometimes at the end of a week I’d be 2-3 kilos heavier than how I’d started. I’d lose the weight and put it straight back on. This process continued for the best part of one year. It was also taking a heavy emotional toil on me, which was fuelling the cycle of weight loss and gain.
When Annie and I connected we had a detailed conversation about my journey to date and what I was hoping to achieve. We agreed a target weight and Annie gave me an easy to follow - but initially daunting - set of principles to guide what and how I ate. That’s how our systematic journey to regaining my physical fitness, supporting me develop sustainable healthy eating habit began. I say ‘our’ journey intentionally because it has felt that way. It how felt like Annie has been as invested in the process as I am. 
Annie is the second personal trainer I have worked with, and I am particularly grateful that our paths have crossed. Not only does her genuine interest in her clients result in her working with them to develop tailored plans, building around activities they like and going at a pace that pushes but doesn’t deter clients.
Her mindfulness means she is constantly looking at how one’s body is responding to different activities, and she helps her clients build on areas of strength, while targeting areas that need improvement in a phased manner. For instance, we first of all started working on my nutrition and cardio, and are increasingly pushing into strength and eventually flexibility. Annie doesn’t believe in overwhelming her clients, she believes in giving them life skills, including subtly shifting one’s mindset about health and wellbeing. She is also a lifelong student of wellness, allowing for clients to have well informed discussions with her about many different aspects of well being should the chose too.
In the 6 months that I have known Annie, I’ve lost 7kg and maintained that through work related travel, frantic and high stress work periods and holidays, which all used to trigger weight gain.
Annie is a terrific human being and personal trainer with an infectious personality, who gets to know her clients at a pace they are comfortable with, while developing whole of body and mind plans that impart life well being skills, rather than quick but unsustainable results.
I’m back to the weight I was a decade ago and very importantly feel in control of my body. The fitness has helped me develop counter measures to the high stress environment I work in, and the impact it was having on me emotionally. I’ve even picked up a new hobby; jogging, which I couldn’ even dream of years ago because of my asthma and ulticaria, both of which I’ve seen a marked improvement in, since I started working with Annie!
So if you’re thinking about working with Annie, do it! It’s an investment in your life that you won’t regret (if you’re willing to do the work!).
Michelle, London, 2024

from: Stephen Foulds 
Sent: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 10:59


My husband's testimonial and fundraiser email.  True and personal. 

I haven’t posted on any social media for a very long time however having witnessed my wife Annie Foulds heroic effort at the Durban to Pietermaritzburg Ultra Marathon, the most famous, many say hardest road race in the world I felt that it was genuinely worth sharing.
Annie has just ran “The Comrades” From the moment Annie was told that this was THE toughest endurance race in the world, she in typical energetic style told me that she would enter and so she did!!! No stopping Annie. I looked at the details on the internet and tried to take in the magnitude of this task, 87km in the heat of Africa, at altitude and UPHILL !! surly a masochists dream, but as you know she is nothing if not determined and so the preparation began.
I don’t wish to exaggerate this but I think I can say without fear of any contradiction that all  who share Annie’s life, me the very lucky and immensely proud husband,( incredibly 24 years together) many would say even tougher than the “Comrades” our children Jack, whose pancreatic cancer and lifesaving treatment at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital is the driving  reason behind Annie’s amazing fundraising for GOSH and Harry our youngest, other family members and the enormous number of friends that Annie attracts are blessed to know such a force of nature. Boundless energy and enthusiasm a magical zest for life, endless positivity and kindness and as this feat demonstrated a steely determination to accomplish what she sets her mind on regardless of obstacles whist remaining warm, charming and just lovely!
Miles and miles and miles of daily and long weekend runs began, the only way to accomplish this herculean task and Annie just got on with it. Some Saturdays a marathon followed by a marathon on Sunday for good measure. I accompanied on a cycle on as many runs as I could and I can state there was never a complaint or a “why am I doing this” Annie went for it knowing if she wasn’t on the top of her game she wouldn’t be able to complete the challenge she is not one to let herself or anyone else down so Hundreds of miles over six months in all-weather, thousands of leg presses at a weight I might baulk at and Annie finally declaring that she was ready and tapering down just 10 days before race day. We were able to spend a few days in Cape Town with a little much overdue pampering of Annie, steams, massages and light exercise had her glowing, thank you the great staff at the One and Only, it was so lovely to see her happy, relaxed and confident and up for the challenge.
There was a fantastic buzz in Durban at the expo which we thoroughly enjoyed,  it was great meeting with some of the legends of the race, mixing with newcomers and athletes full of excitement and trepidation of what was to come. Race day started at 3am with breakfast, the hotel was full of comrade runners and I was staggered at how much some of them ate but I can only imagine how many calories one burns in the 10 hours or so the race takes to complete. Annie, Harry and I walked to the start where 17,031 awaited the 5.30am starting gun. Annie was calm and collected and joined her starting band which was funnily enough towards the back due to her qualification time which was based on her last London marathon time which was about an hour and 40 minutes slower than  her normal time, why? because she selflessly waited to finish the race with me!! Typical unselfish Annie. The race began.
Harry and I caught a bus to the finish area which took us an hour and a half to DRIVE!! The bus took the route of the race and I was totally staggered by the number of hills, the length and height of them seemed formidable, and I really began to worry, this seemed almost impossible to me, what had Annie, a 48 year old wife and Mother, training around a full time physical job, what had she committed to? The wait at the finish was long and the temperature rose steadily, I was informed this was one of the hottest comrades for years, and I paced up and down for hours, repeatedly looking at my watch and wondering how Annie was coping and then Harry asked me what was wrong?  I said I was worried about the length and height of the hills and the heat and Harry simply said to me, don’t worry Dad, its MUM she knows what she is doing and she is strong !! and of course he was right, at 10 hours and 40 minutes Annie came powering around the last bend and into the finish. We were all elated and tears flowed, she smashed it and looked as though she had just completed a fun run, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable. It is so tough that it is interesting to note that The Comrades Marathon Medical Facility is lauded as the world’s largest temporary medical facility outside of a conflict zone.
I have nothing but total respect and admiration for Annie, for this staggering achievement and for the way Annie conducts all aspects of her life and the positivity and joy she has brought to so many of her customers and friends so I am asking all that read this please contribute to Annie’s Just Giving page this special effort really deserves a special response for sick children so please help as Annie says Health is Wealth.
Stephen Foulds.
19 May 2022, at 23:05,  wrote:

Dear Annie,
Thank you for the training today and my apologies for taking so long to send you this!… 
"Annie is a force, a powerful Force For Good!  We all have those moments when we just want to stay in bed, to take it easy and do less – Annie is the one that will pull you up (in her most charming way) and bring the best out of you by giving you a set of drills to complete.  The result? You love yourself and the world more for training with Annie and you look great! For me, Annie stands tall for positive energy, high discipline and unwavering determination.  She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.  We all need an ANNIE in our life!”
Hope you will find it helpful.
Su Li 


From: Louise

Date: 17 November 2021

Living alone through Covid, I felt isolated and not really self motivated.  So I started to look for a trainer and met Annie.  My first impression was that she was very understanding of my situation, with my mid-life issues and she seemed very motivational. 


We have had many sessions now and I can say that I am truly grateful for a personal trainer,  who took the time to get to know me personally.  Who truly motivates and encourages me every time we meet. We have not only worked on body fitness, but organically worked on my mental wellbeing.  By being outdoors exercising and just being around Annie, who is very positive at all times.  Thank you for training me Annie - see you in the park soon!!! Lol...


Louise (53) London 

On Thursday, April 22, 2021, 12:57 pm, Isabelle Josephs > wrote:

One day, a long time ago now, when I was feeling so hopeless and wondering what to do with everything in my life, as I was thinking this, I thought I needed a sign and looked up and I saw a big black range rover with the brightest, most lively coloured blue and orange lettering that read : Annie Foulds Fitness. Deep in my core, I knew I had to ring Annie immediately and I did. Acting on this intuition changed my life.
Yes-  Annie is a fitness trainer, yes -Annie is incredibly accomplished in her own fitness and personal achievements but what Annie will do that no one else in my life ever had before is remind you of your personal power. Annie empowers you to remove the limited beliefs we allow ourselves to be trapped in by constant support, amazingly high vibrational energy and the pure intention to lift you to your highest potential. 
Annie gave me confidence I never had, Annie saw that I achieved all the fitness related goals I set out to and more, she totally transformed my life and since it has unfolded in the most beautiful ways. Annie gave me my passion for real exercise and movement to make me feel good. Annie inspires, Annie is pure joy. 
Although I haven’t trained with Annie since I was 18 years old, I am now 27 and Annie still remains an inspiration and true friend. I have nothing but admiration, adoration and love for this marvellous woman. She embodies the true feminine that I would encourage all women to explore. Strong, Powerful and beautifully feminine. 
On 1 Jul 2017, at 21:05, natalie <natalie wrote:
A recommendation from a friend led me to a body transformation that started in January 2017. January... The month that everyone decides that "I'm going to get fit".... My reason was slightly different- I'm a teacher; a PE teacher, so exercise was always part of my day.... Sometimes a chore. A 5 ft 4 female, weighing in at 56/57kgs.  Fast forward 15 months, sleep deprived, poor diet and a new post natal body that weighed nearly 70kg- I just thought it was a body that I now  I had to accept as mine. I could not shift the pregnancy pounds.... It got me down but Annie has got me a body I never thought was achievable beyond the age of 21!!!  She took me on, lacking in confidence and lots of chumb! We started off slowly, my body still fragile from birth.  
Week by week I saw the transformation, random text messages during the week to see how I was feeling (the timing was perfect... My head would be in the fridge, seeking out the sweet treats!) Those texts  got me back on track when I reminded myself, "no, you have weigh in on Wednesday"
Annie is the most amazing trainer (inside and out!). As we squat, I want to do double squats as she motivates me.  If I'm tired she has a way with words that will get yourself kicking butt!  She has opened my eyes to so many different forms of exercise, a personal favourite being Piyo!
What used to be a chore is now something I genuinely look forward too, twice a week.  We laugh throughout the session, (I have also welled up when Annie told me about her phenomenal achievement of running and achieving a bronze medal in The Comarades ultra marathon in South Africa)
Her personality is infectious, her motivation is mind blowing and her care for her clients is incredible. If you want to achieve things you never thought were possible... Book a session with Annie Foulds!

Happy Customers

Your happiness is my main concern.

Working with Annie has been unique and an absolute pleasure. Her method is unique as she listens to you, how you are feeling and what your goals are and then tailor makes your work out based on how your body is feeling on the day.


Our work outs never felt repetitive or a chore as every time was inspirational and worked within the realms of how my body had reacted since the last work out.


I met my goals for weight loss and muscle conditioning within a record period but did not push my body beyond its limits. Annie is always careful not to injure weak points that had developed through previous injury and body changes after pregnancy.


We always found time to work out well and have a laugh and a catch up in between. I always looked forward to seeing Annie as she has become more of a friend then just a trainer! She understands women's bodies and heading into your 40's and how to make the most physically of our health during this time of change.


I always ask myself now when contemplating not working out or having that extra slice of cake ....what would Annie do!!??!! I always find the right answer as Annie now lives in my subconscious.


Cheryl Jeans xxx  - October 2016

From my first session with Annie, I felt as if I had known her for years. Annie’s warm, incredibly kind and thoughtful personality was the reason I felt instantly comfortable and at ease in her company. Over the years, I have had many different experiences with personal trainers, and tried many different forms of exercises, clubs and groups and although some of these were positive experiences, they all lacked what I had been missing- Annie. Unlike others, Annie has given me the confidence to believe in my abilities and far beyond that, from our first session, is the key to positive progress.
The support that she has given me as a client and friend has gone above and beyond. Her positive energy is contagious, around Annie she has the ability to make you believe that anything is within reach and when you believe this, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Which is how I felt when I managed my first handstand and my first 9 mile run, considering that I didn't even think I could run before I met Annie.  Annie is one of the most fabulous and fantastic people I have ever met and I can’t thank her enough for the journey that she has helped me to begin. 
Isabelle Josepth - December 2015

" Fun and Hard'

Having returned from a skiing holiday my heaviest weight ever and been beaten on the slopes by a 75 year old ( I am 26) I knew something had to change and that is when I discovered Annie. Having not exercised in years Annie was just what I needed to get me on the right track again and I can now honestly say after training twice a week for 3 months I am a changed person. I have feel healthier and more energised than ever. Annie has a diverse range of workouts but my personal favourite is her TRX sessions which is the most effective workout I have ever come across.

Annie combines a super intense core workout with cardio and I firmly believe they are the reason I am fitting into those pencil skirts that have been languishing in the back of my wardrobe. Crucially, Annie makes every session a joy with her tireless positivity, I am now thoroughly addicted to her workouts and could not recommend her highly enough!"

Peter Smith - July  2015

" Inspiring"

I was introduced to Annie by a common friend. From the first moment I was in awe, standing in front of me was an amazing athlete with a beautiful face and the perfect body, full of joy and energy. I instantly knew that this was the right person to train with. I am glad to admit that after a few months of training, building my strength and stamina to a level I have never achieved before, perfecting my body and discovering the world of kickboxing, long distance running and training in the park, I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Annie’s smile, energy and mental conditioning encouraged and inspired me to find a new level of enjoyment in training and prepared me for the challenges within my motor racing career.

Thank you Annie!

Dr. B Basia  July 2014

"Simply the Best"

"I first met Annie over three years ago when I was a heavy smoker and couldn’t even complete the warm up jogs at the start of our training sessions. I completed my first half marathon three months ago and I have been smoke free since nearly two years.


Annie has been at the centrepiece of my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, she has helped & supported me in obtaining fitness goals that I had deemed unattainable. More importantly she is one of the most inspiring women I have met on a professional, personal, physical and intellectual level.

Through her relentless optimism and positive energy she has the ability to bring out the best in me. I look forward to many more years of fun, creative, exciting (and hard work!) PT sessions with Annie. She is simply THE BEST!"

Teresa del Alcazar - July 2014 

"Smile & Positive'

As an ex professional sportswoman, I’d always struggled to be challenged or even work up a sweat with other person trainers. I expressed this to Annie on our first meeting which in hindsight was probably not necessary!

That was almost five years ago and I’ve never looked back. Annie has helped me maintain my fitness levels and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Regardless of the time of the day, Annie always brings a challenge with a huge smile and she’s massively motivational. After all our sessions, I’m still given new exercises which keeps our sessions so up beat. Often we work together first thing in the morning and it always get me off to a great start to the day.

I regard this positive, inspirational woman far more than a PT and I look forward to extending our relationship and friendship into the future.

Emma Halsall - Feb 2013

“Specification training”

Annie is incredible genuinely kind and positive disposition have always been an inspiration to myself. Her boundless energy, huge generosity and professinalism are simply remarkable.

Annette, is an athlete and professional personal trainer. She has ben training me in preparation for ‘Walk the Walk’ – breast cancer charity – as well as numerous friends and we all are in awe of extraordinary human and professional qualities.

Debora d’Armagnac Regazzacci - September 2014


Before I started training with Annie I used to dread working out as I found it just mind numbing and monotonous going to the gym – with Annie training is so enjoyable and energising, there is not a moment of boredom and the time just flies, I feel amazing by the end of every session and equally happy with the results.

I can honestly say I’m addicted and feel very disappointed when I have to miss a session due to work.

Not only is Annie an amazing personal trainer but also a remarkable lady and her commitment to health and well-being is a real inspiration. I call her Super Woman for a reason.

Fleur Cooper - May 2013 

“Back to training”

I used to train very regularly over about a 12 year period but because of an overseas move I had not trained consistently for about 4 years. Exercise was once a big part of my life and I wanted to get it back. I have now been training with Annie for 4 months. I train on average 3 times a week and my program is tailored to perfection by Annie – cardio, strength, gym work, outdoor – we cover every discipline for all round fitness. I have rediscovered the motivation for exercise that I thought had gone for good and we now work toward specific goals and targets. I am now training at a level of intensity I thought would be impossible to recapture and am genuinely as motivated to work hard on my fitness as I have ever been.

I can’t recommend Annie highly enough as a great motivator but above all a really creative trainer.

Gordon McClough  - September 2013

“Wedding Preparation”

"I booked Annie for 6 sessions before I got married (2 sessions a week for 3 weeks) as I had gotten sofar with weight loss & toning myself but I needed to be pushed in order to go the final distance.

I was thrilled with the results especially in the short space of time, in particular my arms! She worked me very hard but it was worth it for the compliments I received from friends & family and for the photos – which I’ll have forever."

Emma Joyce - Clapham - May 2012


“Pregnancy training”

I exercised up until the seventh month of my pregnancy with Annie. Despite my growing stomach keeping up outdoor cardio exercise helped me feel positive, healthy and energised in the lead up to the birth.

Emily - Green Park - May 2011


“Advanced Trainer”

"Annie is very professional, enthusiastic and passionate about what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field always ensuring that she is continuously investing in herself in order to benefit her clients.

She is a stunning person on the outside as well as the inside and I consider her to be a valued business partner as well as a friend".

Mymuna Ali - Yoga instructor 


"Doing it Annie's Style"

"Annie… my very first ‘baby’ who has gone on to inspire others in her own very special and sincere style. xxx Love you".

Anastasia Hatzivasilou - March 2010

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